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Jenex V2 B900XL Broms art:b900xl

B900XL broms passar till serierna XL900 and XLC900.

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549 kr



Jenex V2 B900XL Broms


The XL Brakes are designed for all V2 XL style models and easily mount in the pre-drilled holes on the rear fork making them much lighter and easier to install than the original V2 brakes.

B900XL is designed for all XL900 and XLC900 series skis. 


"It only took me two or three practice stops to become proficient. And do they have stopping power! Not quite like a bike, but not far from it.” - Lee Borowski, Coach

The latest generation V2 brakes are lighter and stronger than ever and have both vertical and angular adjustments so they can be used with almost any binding position or boot size. The brakes can be folded down over the binding when not in use and when raised a spring-loaded plunger engages the brake so it can only move backward for braking while a high-tension spring keeps the brake in the upright position. Only one brake is required for each pair of skis.

When adjusted properly, the brake does not touch the leg until you adapt the braking position. Once the brake has been adjusted the safety screws should be installed to lock the brake into the correct position. 

When braking, the brake foot is pushed forward of the other foot by about .45 meters (18”) and then you simply push the knee back. This “Telemark” stance is also the most stable position for braking as the forward leg acts like a brace and keeps you from falling forward as you decelerate.

"This finally puts every roller skier in control of his or her destiny. Before this, you couldn’t actually stop yourself on down hill, at stop signs and in dangerous situations. The brake is mounted on one ski, is very light weight, not too costly and is easy to attach. I can attest to that. There is a learning curve, of course, so be sure to proceed cautiously in your beginning kilometers of use. Just as 100% of roller skiers should be wearing helmets, the same number should be using the brake.” -Marty Hall
Former US Olympic Coach and both Coach & Nordic Director for Team Canada.

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